ConnectReseller has partnered with Certum to provide reliable and trusted SSL Certificates. SSL Certificates by one of the largest Certification authorities in Europe with 20 years of experience will help you to encrypt and protect traffic between your client's website user and web server. Sign up with us to provide one of the best SSL Certificates for your clients.

SSL Certificate Features

Unlimited Servers

SSL certificates can be installed on multiple servers. It provides security to a web domain and that data is protected.

Multi-Domain SSL

Secure all your domains with one plan. The Wildcard SSL Certificate covers your primary domain as well as other sub-domains.


Compatible with 99.9% of web browsers ensuring whichever mode the customers use, the network connection is always secured

24/7 Tech Support

A dedicated team of technical experts is available round-o-clock to resolve your queries and issues quickly and hassle-free.

Pricing Plans

Modest SSL Certificate crafted for your clients' domains that ensures privacy

  • Commercial
  • Commercial Wildcard
  • Trusted
  • Trusted Wildcard
CommercialCommercial WildcardTrustedTrusted Wildcard
Introductory Offer$3.99$29.99$35.99$71.99
Validation typedomain validationdomain validationcompany validationcompany validation
Verification timeup to 1 hourup to 1 hourup to 24 hoursup to 24 hours
Data in certificate
In an SSL Certificate, you can find data related to your domain or, in the case of higher class certificates, the name of your organisation as well. Organisation name is only visible in the EV Certificate.
domain namedomain nameorganisation and domain nameorganisation and domain name
Safety Warranty
Certum warranty is available till validity of the SSL
200 000 €200 000 €400 000 €400 000 €
Subdomain Protection
WILDCARD SUBDOMAIN PROTECTION Wildcard SSL Certificate issued for “” will encrypt data for all your second-level domains, for example “”, “” and your top-level domain “”.
Lock next to the web address
Encrypt traffic on your website

● Blogs
● Internet forums
● Non-commercial websites

● Blogs
● Internet forums
● Non-commercial websites

● Online stores
● Businesses
● Public admin websites

● Online stores
● Businesses
● Public admin websites

Note: SSL Certificate prices exclusive of GST.
Note: SSL Certificate prices exclusive of GST.

Why SSL Certificate is Essential?


Gains customer's trust with a secured site and https:// prefix


Full warranty for the offered product throughout the validity period


Protects sensitive information and secures online transactions


Wildcard SSL Certificate secures your sub-domains as well

SEO Ranking

Obtain higher search rankings and website traffic with SSL

Builds Trust

Green padlock sign on address bar which indicates web page is secure

Ready to get started?

It's quick and easy process!

Ready to get started?

It's quick and easy process!